Help your customers reach their goals
with no-frills email support.

Old-fashioned customer service

Like walking into a mom-and-pop shop, LittleGoal helps you give every customer the personal attention they're looking for. And all you have to do is reply to emails.

Get back to work

Your customers love you for the products you offer and the work you do. LittleGoal helps you make sure they get the answers they need so you can get back to wowing them.

Less is more

LittleGoal offers straight-forward communication with your customers, with no reports or other business tools to get in the way. Use our app or your email inbox. It's up to you.

Why not just email?

If it's just you, an email address works fine. But multiple employees signing into one email account, answering emails at the same time, leads to madness. LittleGoal will help you stay sane.

Plus we'll keep all of your emails in one place where you can always find and search them.