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Dec 23, 2021

One aspect of WordPress I’ve never gotten my head around is the emails it sends. I recently added a plugin to make the emails look consistent and well designed. Today I got fed up with the inconsistency and added two plugins, one to modify at least a couple of the emails, and another to decide which… Read more


Dec 22, 2021

I didn’t realize how popular the #buildinpublic hashtag is on Twitter. I started following the hashtag and a few people tweeting. It’s really cool to see! I realize the insular nature of in the context of building in public, so I think a future feature will be auto-tweeting updates so they reach a wider… Read more


Dec 18, 2021

The site uses Beaver Builder for the layout. I doubled down on it this year and I’m still learning the quirks. I saw a new user joined the site Friday morning and I signed in to see if they’d added a project. I found all of the project lists had been replaced by user lists! … Read more


Dec 14, 2021

The doors are open! I posted in a couple Slack groups and got a couple sign ups. Of course they sent me scrambling to fix the bugs that make the site useless, and of course found some bugs along the way.  I’ll continue to tweak the site layout and design forever, but I mainly want to… Read more


Dec 13, 2021

I took the leap. I mentioned the new site in a thread in a small Slack community on a Sunday. So I don’t expect any traffic from it, but I’m over the mental hurdle of actually telling someone about it. A small but significant milestone. Read more


Dec 6, 2021

Had to wrestle with Mailgun a bit, but reminder emails are now going out and functioning well. Their PHP SDK is hit or miss, but the emails are sending and should be parseable when replied to. Replies are not yet parsed as Mailgun is balking at the LetsEncrypt cert on (at least I assume… Read more

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Dec 5, 2021

A good weekend of hacking. I have a logo, once I realized I already owned the domain I think to be complete, the site needs following, commenting, and email-based updates. Down the road, I’m thinking to add timelines, feature voting, and making all this stuff embeddable. It would also be a cool feature to… Read more

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