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Jan 29, 2022

A customer emailed to ask how to customized the builder and I realized I didn’t have a sport doc for that. When I went to add it, I discovered that all of my support pages were broken. They used to work so what changed? So two hours later, and they’re now restored. What I could’ve… Read more


Jan 4, 2022

In my upcoming focus on marketing, I need more engagement. I need ways to reach users and ultimately customers. So I’m building a reporting feature into the plugin that I’m going to “sell” for an email address. Initially I was just going to include the top performing pages and links, but then I realized I’m… Read more


Dec 30, 2021

Last week I added feedback forms in a few places, hoping to find out more why people sign up, leave, etc.  Then this week I’ve been heads down learning some new tech. It’s been very challenging but rewarding (once I figured it out 🙂 ). And then all of a sudden a couple emails came… Read more


Dec 23, 2021

Discovered the last build failed but still got released! Yikes! Pushed a quick minor update our with all of the build files. My biggest hurdle right now is getting translation to work. I’ve tried everything. Today I’m hiring someone off of Upwork and hopefully figuring out the issue in an hour or so. Read more


Dec 18, 2021

The next phase for this plugin is marketing. I don’t completely know what that means but I have some ideas to start with. The hardest part for me is sitting down, making a plan, and then executing it. I tend to just pick something and dive in. It feels more productive even if it’s the… Read more


Dec 15, 2021

A couple of bugs were fixed and another version goes out. The main bug I was worried about turned out to be a false alarm, but fixes are fixes, right? I’m still thinking about how to tackle the marketing extras suggested by Justin. I really want that to be the next push. Also I learned… Read more

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