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Apr 5, 2022

After weeks (months?) of client work, burnout, and being distracted by other things, I finally dipped my toe back into the development. I gave myself an hour and I did some housekeeping, but it helped me start to refamiliarize myself with the code base. I also added webpack with watch, so development should be quicker. And… Read more


Feb 25, 2022

After a lot (more) thought, I’m back into the technical of building the “perfect” capture. I know you’re not supposed to get this hung up on features early on, but since I’m telling myself I’m building this for me, to see the original concept through, I’m willing to take the time. I’ve been looking at… Read more


Feb 10, 2022

Pusher is integrated into So slick, every time. And then I tweeted about it for the first time! Which sent me scrambling to clean it up a bit. I added better notifications, a contact form, and fixed a few little bugs. Always a great incentive to finally clean up a product. So now what?… Read more


Feb 7, 2022

It’s been a thought provoking week or so of coding. My gut tells me there’s a way to combine the two products – 10k and – but I’ve not been able to figure out how in a way that makes sense. So for now I’m walking back my decision to combine them and will release… Read more


Jan 31, 2022

Sunday is a great day to stare out the window and think hard. I have competing features but I want all of them in the same interface. My product design muscle is a bit atrophied. I downloaded Balsamiq (my favorite wireframing app) for the first time in a few years and started playing with combining… Read more


Jan 29, 2022

I took some time away from working on the app to work on a different app idea, a repeat of something I built 10 years ago. And I’m glad I did. I realized it’s the other part of what I want in And maybe a timer is what was always missing from the other… Read more


Jan 13, 2022

The beginning of another project!  It started with an idea for using hashtags in a single input. I built that a few months ago but never completed the app, because something was missing. Then a few weeks ago I dreamt the rest of the UI. Simple rows for each entry and progress bars show context… Read more

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