Update for Saturday, December 18th, 2021

December 18, 2021

The site uses Beaver Builder for the layout. I doubled down on it this year and I’m still learning the quirks.
I saw a new user joined the site Friday morning and I signed in to see if they’d added a project. I found all of the project lists had been replaced by user lists! 
I think I’m using Beaver Builder to its limits, including short codes inside modules, and it’s tangling up relationships. I’m also worried about caching incorrectly caching objects. 
In any case, I scrambled to rebuild the lists and got the layout back to where I wanted it. This is the good side of a page builder. I threw up a “the site is broken and I’m working on it” banner in seconds, and had everything back to normal in minutes. 
And the site got its first two sign ups! Only one is using the features so far, but it’s a start. 

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