Update for Thursday, December 9th, 2021

December 9, 2021

Sometimes insomnia can be a good thing.

Following functionality is now working. I’m continuing to populate that data everywhere it makes sense. Eventually, I want to integrate updates from projects you’re following into your reminder emails.
The reminder emails and posting updates all seem to be working. It required some hacking of a composer-installed library that I believe is not compatible with PHP 8. Thankfully there’s more than one way to write a query.
An aside –  ten years ago I had an app, my first one that had some popularity, that emailed you every day and you replied. I was ten years newer as a developer, and the tech was not as good as it is now. I struggled to send a few thousand reminders/day and it caused me lots of late nights.
I just rewrote most of the functionality in a couple of days and a couple of hundred lines of code. I’ve solved most of the problems that confounded me back then. It’s amazing what a ten-year difference can do 🙂


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